VeriPrint® is a patented system developed by CUSTOM that combines a document scanner with thermal printing head in a single unit.
The VeriPrint® system allows you to print and save the digital image of the ticket/receipt issued in real time, identify any printing or paper related issues and use the scanned document as electronic journal or true and certified copy of the same document.

  • VERIPRINT - 100% secure
  • VERIPRINT - Electronic storage on MultiMediaCard of the printed receipts/invoices
  • highlights
  • focus on
  • Advantages of VeriPrint®:

    • Automatic storage of all the ticket and/or receipt images captured in the local database for subsequent transmission to the central server
    • Retrieval of the original and conform image of the ticket to handle any claims
    • Reduction of printed paper costs
    • Correct issuing of the printed document is verified
    • Acquisition of the images from a remote host via a Web Browser (Ethernet version)
  • During the ticket printing phase, an embedded scanner automatically captures the ticket image. This image can be stored in the printer, in a mass storage memory (MMC, SD) or can be sent to a remote host.
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