With its unique and elegant lines and guaranteed technological performance, QT15 TURBO S isthe new Custom Pcpos capable of fully satisfying the retail market requirements in relation to the use of specific management software packages.

Its original and futuristic design, which is the result of careful aesthetic and functional studies, makes this product the ideal solution to use in the most elegant and exclusive environments in the field. Also when it is to be used round the clock and by several users, like in the catering industry for example, QT15 TURBO S provides reliability and efficiency features that will meet your expectations.

  • QT15 TURBO S
  • QT15 TURBO S - Customer side display
  • QT15 TURBO S - version with integrated ECR CUSTOM software available
  • highlights
    • All-in-one PcPOS system
    • Elegant, functional and compact
    • Powerful and versatile
    • Mother board as per "Industry Standard"
    • 15" touch-screen monitor
    • SSD (Solid State Disk) SATA hard disk
    • Embedded chip card reader
    • Embedded LCD customer display
    • Easy access to internal components to facilitate service and maintenance
    • Fully equipped with peripheral connections
    • Magnetic pen
    • Windows PC
  • CUSTOM ECR SW for a quick and efficient sales management (only for the Italian fiscal market)

  • technical features
  • Processor Intel Atom D2550 1.86 GHz
    RAM Memory 2 GB Ram DDR3, 1066MHz
    Compact Flash 8GB on Emmc Flash Module
    Hard Disk Hard Disk SATA SSD (Solid State) 32 GB
    Display LCD LVDS 15" 1024x768
    Brightness 300 cd/m2
    Touch screen resistive, 5 wires
    I/O 4 x RS232 RJ45 serial interfaces
    5 x USB
    1 x ETH 1 GB LAN
    1 x HDMI Ext
    1 x RJ-11 Cash Drawer (12V/24V)
    Card reader/writer Chip Card ISO7816 (1,2,3,4, support T=0 and T=1 protocols)
    Power supply External 24V/60 Watt
    Dimensions (printer not included): 400mm (L)x350mm (D)x150mm (H)
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  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 934DB011000733 MMTC QT15 PC DFI 32BIT 15" DISP BLACK     Spare parts for 934DB011000733
      • Spare parts for 934DB011000733
      • 43000000011100 SP QT15 COVER WITH DISPLAY BLACK    
      • 44000000040200 SP TOUCH SCREEN PEN    
      • 28C30000000019 GRAPHIC DISPLAY LCD 132X29 OPTO12244    
      • 28630000000005 SSD SATA 32GB 2.5" WITH FRAME    
      • 28660000000003 RAM SODIMM 2GB DDR3-1066 1.5V    
      • 81100000000301 PCBA INVERTER LCD 15'' MH2L15008    
      • 81400000000055 PCBA 2 USB QT10 IMX6 R1 AC063_DP001    
      • 44000000035700 CHIP CARD READER + CABLE    
      • 81200000000652 PCBA CPU 3.5" D2550 2CORE 32B DFI    
      • 963GE020000041 PSES PSU 24VDC 60W L.VI UL    
      • 26100000000311 SHUKO PLUG CABLE    
    • 934DB010800733 MMTC QT15 PC TOUCH DISP ANDROID BLACK     Spare parts for 934DB010800733
      • Spare parts for 934DB010800733
      • 43000000011100 SP QT15 COVER WITH DISPLAY BLACK    
      • 44000000040200 SP TOUCH SCREEN PEN    
      • 28C30000000019 GRAPHIC DISPLAY LCD 132X29 OPTO12244    
      • 81100000000301 PCBA INVERTER LCD 15'' MH2L15008    
      • 81400000000054 PCBA KEY + USB QT15 IMX6 R1 AC064_DP001    
      • 44000000035700 CHIP CARD READER + CABLE    
      • 81200000000287 PCBA CPU QT15 IMX6 R2 AC064_DP003    
      • 26500000000044 USB CABLE QT10 - QT15 AC063_CB003    
      • 41000000012000 SP PCBA CPU QT15 ANDROID    

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