MicroPlayer is an easy, fast and ultra compact system for managing multimedia contents. It is able to distribute videos, images, web pages on a TV/monitor with HDMI input at HD resolution. Each MicroPlayer can pilot a TV/monitor and it's predisposed to be connected to the web for the remote management of contents.

  • Shops
  • Supermarket
  • Betting corner
  • Public transport
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Travel agents
  • Estate agents

  • MicroPlayer - Multimedia HDMIPlayer
  • MicroPlayer
  • MicroPlayer - Multimedia formats handled
  • MicroPlayer - How it works
  • highlights
  • Exclusive
  • focus on
    • Ultra-compact: only 140x130mm
    • Easy to install
    • Possibility of wall-fixing
    • Reliable: 24hrs/day
    • Ready to use: auto turning on and turning off
    • Stand alone mode: server not needed
    • Fanless
    • Low consumption
    • Easy content upgrade
    • Easy Playlist agenda for content planning
    • Scrolling messages - texts/RSS
    • Streaming, web pages, photos, videos
    • Player configuration
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT - Playlist Manager Software
    Change your contents, wherever you are!
    Using a network access point, you can remotely reprogramme all the contents of any connected MicroPlayer Plan and save time! Set your contents playlist the way you like!
    An internal 1.2 GB memory is available with multimedia contents that can be programmed with the MicroPlaylist Manager software. It is furthermore possible to upload and update multimedia contents using an additional SD card with storage capacity of up to 16 GB!
  • Software
  • technical features
  • MicroPlayList Manager Software

    Thanks to the "MicroPlaylist Manager", you can remotely configure contents via Ethernet, easily and quickly. These contents will be transmitted as desired, following a pre-established order, as if you were using a normal Ipod. You will also be able to define a time schedule, programming time and date for viewing an event.

    For example, if the owner of a venue where MicroPlayer is installed, wants to broadcast a soccer match for his customers on a specific day and at a certain time, he will be able to do this alongside other contents, such as: banners on promotional offers, event highlights, product discounts and even daily news connected with the video currently displayed.
  • Media store 1.2GB
    Video 1 HDMI
    Resolution HD 720P (1280x720)
    I/O 1 HDMI2 Ethernet 10/100Mb (Switch)1 USB 2.01 SD slot1 Audio output
    Dimensions (WxLxH)mm : 143 x 130 x 31 mm
    Assembly 4 fixing holes 135mm x 80mm
    Weight 0.5 Kg
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 933FJ01012HJ33 MICROPLAYER HDMI ETH USB 16GB    

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