HT15 is the new frontier of retail markets, as it combines an exclusive and elegant design with unique technological performance. Equipped with flat 15" touch-screen monitor, (TRUE FLAT) and characterized by trendy lines that make it unique, this product is distinguished by the engineering of its main board that, instead of being embedded in the monitor, is located at the base inside a robust aluminium internal structure. In addition to its pleasant look, this structure provides easy access for maintenance operations. HT15 is a complete product capable of meeting the most sophisticated requirements of today retailers.

  • HT15
  • HT15 - Profile
  • HT15 - Front
  • HT15 - Rear
  • highlights
    • Fashion design
    • 15" True Flat touch screen (zero bezel)
    • Backlit monitor with LED technology
    • Fanless
    • SSD SATA (Solid State Disk)
    • Main board and disk embedded in the base
    • Easy maintenance
    • Aluminium structure
    • Windows POS Ready 7
    • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
    • LED technology monitor

    • technical features
    • Processor Celeron J1900 2.42GHz Fanless
      RAM Memory 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM
      Hard Disk 1 x 2.5" SATA SSD 64GB
      Display 15" LCD Display backlit display (300nits, 1024x768)
      Touch screen MILDEX 15" Resistive True Flat Touch screen, 5 wires (zero bezel)
      Operating System Windows POS Ready 7
      Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
      I/O 4 x USB 2.0
      1 x USB 3.0
      3 x Serials on RJ45 (COM2 and COM3 power supply 5/12V)
      1 x ETH 1 GB LAN
      1 external VGA
      1 x RJ11 Cash Drawer
      1 x DC Jack
      Power supply External 90W/19V
    • Options
    • Available Versions
    • Accessories:
      • Dallas key
      • 2x20 LCD backlit display
      • 15" VGA monitor
      • Triple track badge reader
      • Celeron J1900 2.42GHz fanless processor, 4GB RAM, Hard Disk 64GB SSD SATA
      • Version with embedded CUSTOM ECR SW
    To download the files of this area please link to:
    • Part Number
      • Code Description    
      • 935KS010300L33 PCPOS HT15 15'' 4GB RAM 64GB SSD ETH USB     Options for 935KS010300L33 Spare parts for 935KS010300L33
        • Options for 935KS010300L33
        • 7C900000000400 LICENSE WINDOWS POS READY 7    
        • 7C900000004000 WINDOWS LICENSE 10 IOT ENTERPRISE ENTRY    
        • 97AZZ010000002 INSTALLATION PEN DRIVE SW ECR    
        • 97AZZ010000066 PEN DRIVE WINDOWS 10 IOT HT15 64BIT    
        • 97AZZ010000037 PEN DRIVE INSTALL. WNPOSREADY 7 32BIT    
        • 97AZZ010000038 PEN DRIVE INSTALL. WNPOSREADY 7 64 BIT    
        • 938KS020100M33 MONITOR HT15 15 "    
        • 938KS020100233 CUSTOMER DISPLAY HT15 2X20    
        • 938KS020200233 MSR HT15 3 USB TRACES    
        • 938KS020100000 KEY DALLAS HT15    
        • Spare parts for 935KS010300L33
        • 43000000045400 SP BEZEL + TOUCH RES BLACK HT15 D36    
        • 46000000001900 SP STAND BASE PLASTIC BLACK HT15    
        • 46000000002000 SP STAND TOP COVER PLASTIC BLACK HT15    
        • 47000000000700 SP STAND BASE ALUMINIUM AL ADC12 HT15    
        • 49000000002000 SP LED PANEL 15" XGA LVDS HT15    
        • 28660000000007 RAM SODIMM 2GB DDR3L-1600 1.35V    
        • 48000000000800 SP POWER ADAPTER 90W-19V MINI-3P HT15    
        • 4B000000002200 SP SPEAKER 2W-8!& 80DB CABLE L=200 HT15    
        • 41000000011400 SP PCBA CPU HT15 D36    
        • 41000000008000 SP PCBA PWR BUTTON BRD V1.0 FOR B17 HT15    
        • 42000000004800 SP CAB MB TO LVDS HT15 D36    
        • 42000000002900 SP EXTENSION CAB 5PIN P=1.25 L=100 HT15    
        • 42000000004700 SP PRINT CAB DB25-26P P2 L=200 HT15 D36    
        • 42000000003100 SP PRINTER CABLE DB25-26P P=2 L=100 HT15    
        • 42000000003200 SP SIGNAL CABLE 4PIN P=1.25 L=60 HT15    
        • 42000000003300 SP USB EXTENS CAB 4PIN P=1.25 L=60 HT15    
        • 42000000003400 SP SERIAL CAB DB9-RJ45 SCREW L=250 HT15    

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