VeriPrint® is a patented system developed by CUSTOM that combines a document scanner with thermal printing head in a single unit.
The VeriPrint® system allows you to print and save the digital image of the receipt issued in real time, identify any printing or paper related issues and use the scanned document as electronic journal or true and certified copy of the same document. A barcode verification function is also available.

  • VERIPRINT - 100% secure
  • VERIPRINT - Electronic storage on MultiMediaCard of the printed receipts/invoices
  • highlights
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  • Advantages of VeriPrint®:
    • Automatic storage of all the ticket images in local or central databases
    • System protected against ticket counterfeiting
    • Retrieval of the original ticket image in the event of doubts
    • Allows you to verify that a barcode has been printed correctly
    • Greatest security, resulting in reduced costs and claims
    • Identification of any hardware requiring service
    • In the printers equipped with Ethernet interface, you can view the images captured using a simple Web Browser

  • During the ticket printing phase, an embedded scanner automatically captures the ticket image. This image can be stored in the printer, in a mass storage memory (MMC, SD) or can be sent to a remote host.
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