• The money can be handled fast and safely because it's not visible or accessible
  • All transactions are paid for
  • Control of fake bills and coins
  • Complete removal of shortages caused by calculation mistakes
  • Registration of all the transactions with pefect balancing of accounts
  • LED managed bills and coins input system
  • Automatic bill and coin acceptor with management of all denomination
  • Drawers system with internal safety for money protection
  • Coins and bills deposit in locked and replaceable compartments
  • Hygiene warranty for the staff who doesn't touch the money
  • The drawer can be fixed to the counter
  • Ergonomic design and easy to install
  • It can be connected with any POS program compatible with Windows operative system
  • CHS+
  • CHS+ - Advanced configuration n°1
  • CHS+ - Advanced configuration n°2
  • highlights
  • Exclusive
    • All denominations accepted (from 5 to 500€)
    • 210 × 620 × 388 mm (+ 15 mm of the compartment)
    Times and capacity
    • Recycler capacity: 120 bills (2 per 60 bills each)
    • Cashbox capacity: 600 bills
    • Validation time: 2,3 bills per second
    • Output speed: 1,3 bills per second

    • All coins accepted (from 0.01 to 2€)
    • 5" display
    • 410 × 370 × 516 mm (+ 50 mm of the compartment)
    Times and capacity
    • 8 hoppers with 8 denominations (it recycles from 0.01 to to 2€)
    • Capacity: 3.673 coins in 8 hoppers
    • Validation time: <2s (capacity 30 mixed coins)
    • Output time: 6 coins per second (capacity: 50 mixed coins)
    • It prevents thefts and robberies thanks to its fastening to the counter
    • Cash not available for the staff
    • All transactions are checked
    • Validity check for bills and coins both when collecting and when paying or giving changes
    • Security block
    • Locked and replaceable boxes
    • Filling alarm
    • Maximum quantity warning
    Three internal security levels, managed with 3 different keys:
    • 1st level: access for cleaning and anti-jamming operations (for all operators)
    • 2nd level: security block for bills / coins boxes (for authorized operators)
    • 3rd level: security boxes opening (usually only for the business owner)
    • Accept the payment and give the change
    • Withdrawals (for payments) and deposit
    • It makes the change of coins and bills
    • Compact device, sturdy and reliable
    • Easy to install
    • High quality frame and finishing
    • High level of internal components
    • Two or more devices for cash and coins management (base or advanced configuration)
    • Desktop or recessed versions available
    • It allows many configurations adapting to any place
    • Fitted for the cash desk
    • Unique operating area for customers or for the cash operator
    • Its operating principles are related to the integration with a cash system (POS and/or ECR)
    • It is connectable with retail softwares developed in any operating systems
    • Connection through LAN TCP/IP (Ethernet)
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 950AA100900000 CASH HANDLING MACHINE CHS+ DESK    

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