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Custom realized a new portal able to give a 360° overview of the whole after-sale service, giving at the same time a customised support to each Customer.

It is born then Custom4U, a web portal that collects all the resources useful for those who bought and use Custom products.

From Custom4U it is possible to get many different materials and resources able to help your actvity: starting from the free diagnostic softwares, to drivers, firmwares up to the new tutorial videos.

The website works based on the registration of each user, that is now safer and more automated: the registered person can retrieve with the maximum safety his password through an automatic procedure at any time.

It has been created a control panel for registered users management for each customer, so it is always possible to have the complete situation of the registered users.

Software area

  • CPT - Custom Power Tool

    The Custom software for the personalization of your tickets/receipts

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    Thanks to Custom Power Tool you can create - or change - on your own the layout of your tickets or receipts in a few simple steps. You can also do it without having computer skills, thanks to the practical interface which has been designed by Custom. You will be able to print from any operating system directly using the software: the libraries can be integrated into your application to edit and print the ticket with all the Custom printers, without installing any additional tools. From the first draft of the ticket layout to the project creation, up to the files automatically saved in the application, that can also be moved to other systems with a simple copy and paste: with Custom Power Tool customization is really simple.

  • CustomPrint

    An Android App to print all the contents of your smartphone

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    The latest version of CustomPrint, with new eye-catching and practical graphics, now offers the possibility to draw and then print the drawings you've just created. Thanks to this innovative software for Android devices, you will be able to print everything from your smartphone: call lists, texts, contacts, photos but also web pages. All this with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, that make the connection with the Custom printers (portable, for the point of sale, for self-service applications as well as industrial printers) easier.

  • Custom Print Service Plugin

    For an easy and quick printing directly from Android applications

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    With the Custom Print Service Plugin you won't need long installation procedure anymore! It allows direct printing on several Custom printers without any libraries or additional printing drivers. It prints easily from Android applications (Gallery, Browser, etc.) when the smartphone or the tablet is connected to a suitable Custom printer through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet interface. It 's also to control printing parameters such as color, number of copies, paper orientation, cutting mode and presentation. With this innovative plugin, technology is really at your service. For Android 4.4 or above.

  • PrinterSet

    A tool for a complete, easy and quick management of your printer

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    The PrinterSet software is very useful to update logos, change fonts, set the operating parameters and upgrade the printer firmware. With this tool, the user will easily create a single file including different SW customizations, and then send it to the printer through the interface for a quick and easy setup. In a unique software, many features that will make all easier and more efficient.

  • Status Monitor

    A unique tool to control your printer

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    With Status Monitor, additional component of the printer driver, the remote control of the printer is really at your fingertips: the status of the paper loading, the printer, the paper near-end and paper end sensors are the aspects that this tool can control, but it is also able to detect any jams, including information about the number of tickets or printings. The software can be set to send e-mail or SMS, making remote maintenance operations easier. Once again, with Custom solutions managing your business is easier.

Software for fiscal solutions

  • PosA

    The Custom App for the modern cash desk: managing the cash point is now easier than ever!

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    PosA is an Android App for the latest generation cash desk allows the issuing of fiscal receipts and/or invoices, and makes the management of all the daily activities of Retail and Hospitality channels easier. With customizable screens and a wide range of functions, it speeds and improves the operator's efficiency, since it allows you to better manage departments, items and inventory, but also operators and customers. In particular for hospitality channel, it is ideal because it allows, among many features, to manage reservations, tables and waiters, and to work with the printers of the several production centers and with 5 price lists.

  • KoM

    The App designed for a 360° managing of your Hospitality business

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    With the KoM App, specific for the hospitality channel, you can manage the orders collection at the tables with the Android Custom palmtops. Moreover, communicating through Wi-Fi with the FUSION PC POS and other connected printers, the App ideally simplifies and organizes the job of the waiter (for example, for quick and accurate completion of orders and instructions for the kitchen).

  • Custom Fidelity

    An innovative system to manage loyalty programs

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    Custom Fidelity is the first integrated system between the cash register (second generation, with barcode reader and Ethernet connection) and APP able to manage loyalty cards directly from the smartphone. The end user will simply have to take a pic of the QR code of the operator (for each activated business, Custom supplies a poster with the logo and the QR code), and in a few simple steps he will install the App (for iOS and Android), quickly logging in. He won't have to carry the card itself, but with his own smartphone he will always have the digital card with him. In one App he will be able to handle more than one card (points and catalogues included). For the owner of the business, less operating costs compared to physical loyalty card, and the opportunity to provide an innovative tool to his customers. Supported Custom cash registers: BIGII, BIG II Touch, BIG3, BIG 3 Touch, Max.com.

  • ECR Custom

    The Custom software for the ideal management of your cash desk

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    The ECR software, developed by Custom, allows quick and accurate sales management thanks to its flexibility and efficiency. Offering extensive operational features for an unmatched ease of use, it has user friendly fully customizable graphics, to ease and speed up the operator's activities. Suitable for different kinds of activities, from stores to restaurants, tobacco shops (with the VAT-exempt products management), the features of this software are various: from the management of customers' bills at the tables, to the sale through barcode reader, but also the use of the Chip Cards for customers loyalty and the correct procedures with cash or vouchers. A solution made by Custom able to meet the needs of the modern cash point. The Custom PC POS systems that support the ECR are: Vision15, HT15, VT15, QT15, QT10 and Fusion.

  • Fiscal Suite

    An innovative software for the fiscal management of your business

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    Designed for fiscal printers and cash registers, Fiscal Suite is a self-installing software package that can be updated remotely through Internet that simplifies the everyday life in the business management: in fact, thanks to the tools included, it allows targeted analysis of DGFE data, the programming of graphics and logos on the receipts, the PC programming of the keyboard. An important tool that can handle important fiscal aspects, but that also allows the receipt customization. The Custom registers and printers where Fiscal Suite is installed are: BIG3, BIG 3 Touch, Max.com KubeIIF.

  • Fiscal RX Configurator

    The ideal tool for the fiscal management of your business

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    Designed for cash registers and fiscal printers, Fiscal RX Configurator is a self-installing software package that enables the complete programming of the device with data saving and restoring through PC, in addition to the customization of the keyboard and the transferring of graphic logos. An effective tool that allows you to work in a few steps in the field of fiscal business management. Suitable for Windows operating system, and installed on JSMART, Red, White and Black Custom cash registers and on K3F, KUBE X and Q3XF Custom fiscal printers.

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