Power, technology and the greatest reliability

Thanks to the most modern IT technologies employed, such as the processor and a SQL database, KUBE II F is a top performance product on the market, both in terms of printing speed (250mm/sec) and graphic coupon printing with no limits! KUBE II F has the mechanical structure and therefore all the functional pluses of the well-known KUBE F, such as the easy access system "SixLoad" for paper change, electronic journal (not only on MMC but also on SD) and introduces at the same time innovative programming technologies and USB and Ethernet connection. KUBE II F combines power, technology and the greatest reliability, also thanks to the auto-cutter that assures a performance of as much as 2,000,000 cuts. The communication protocols and drivers available make KUBE II F fully compatible and ready to print using any application available on the market (plug & play). A version with embedded GPRS modem is also available.


  • Paper width: 80/82.5mm
  • Paper roll max: 90mm
  • RS232+USB/RS232+Ethernet
  • Printing speed: 250mm/sec
  • User-friendly system for paper roll replacement
  • Auto-cutter for 2.000.000 cuts
  • Printing head: 200km
  • Embedded Web Server (in the Ethernet version)
  • Report and data sending via e-mail (in the Ethernet version)
  • Approved for invoice printing on receipt
  • Approved for negative receipts (returns)
  • Internal SQL Database
  • Vertical mounting
  • Electronic Journal on MultiMediaCard/SD
  • Customizable receipt graphics and promotional coupons printing
  • Embedded web server with reports and data sending by email (for the Ethernet version)
  • Fiscal, financial, statistical and historical reports
  • Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS and POS.net drivers


                                            Fiscal Suite: self-installing software package that can be updated remotely via Internet. It allows targeted analysis of the data in the DGFE, the programming of graphics and logos on the receipts, the keyboard programming from the PC. In Fiscal Suite are included Ce-POS XG for remote programming, Browser Database for targeted analysis of datas on DGFE and the new Keyboard Configurator for printer programming by PC.

Virtual COM: Software Tool to create a virtual serial port on Windows PC (XP,Vista,7) capable of connecting Custom devices, physically linked via USB or ETHERNET, in such a way as to be compatible with software applications designed for connection in serial mode

Technical sheet

Processor 266 Mhz        
Electronic Journal MMC and /or SD card, up to 2,000,000 lines (about 500 rolls)        
Mass Storage Internal memories and DGFE on standard USB Mass Storage Protocol or standard FTP        
Keyboard External alphanumeric keyboard with 35 or 60 customizable keys        
Display External double-sided LCD display 2x20 characters        
Paper width 80 mm        
Printing speed 250mm/sec        
Interfaces Two RS232 serial ports, a USB or ETH port, a PS/2 port        
Tax deductible receipt Yes (also from optical reader)        
PLUs 100 programmable PLUsPLU groups for aggregate statistics        
Items Up to 50,000 items in the internal memory with barcodes and management of products with variable prices (EAN2)        
Customers 300 credit customers        
Payment types 30 customizable types of payment        
Price Modifiers 8 price modifiers (discounts and surcharges)        
VAT rates 10        
Reports Fiscal and financial reports and statistical and historical        
Graphics Up to 6 MB for graphic logos (free height max. 640 dots)Graphic logos on receipt header and footerGraphic and promotional coupon        
Protocols CUSTOM and XON/XOFF        
Drivers Windows, OPOS , JavaPOS, POS.net        
Dimensions 209mm (L)x140mm (D)x152mm (H)        
Resolution 203dpi (8 dots/mm)        
Paper roll dimension max Ø 90 mm        
Medium consumption 1 A (12.5% printing rate)        
Power supply 24 Vdc ± 10% (external power supply)        
MTBF 11,000 hours (electronic board) (workload according to fiscal standards)        
Weight 2.3 Kg (without paper roll)        

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