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Barcode readers and data acquisition systems that optimize front and back-end communication.

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Technology and solutions that aid data collection and processing play a key role in digital transformation strategies. Collecting and storing data is at the heart of every corporate digitization process.

The Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistic sectors are starting to request new solutions that they can integrate to optimize digitization processes, improving overall efficiency and simplifying processes for a quick and clear response to corporate tactics, differentiation strategies and internationalization.

Custom’s new Data Capture Solutions – the SCANMATIC, P-RANGERK-RANGER and MP RANGER – have been developed off the back of the Group’s international expertise in a range of sectors in over 71 countries. Custom’s easy-to-use Data Capture Solutions simplify and improve sales point management via a strategic approach.

Custom has pooled its expertise in the field to develop this new Data Capture range. The Group hopes to express its know-how in the very best technology available, which means using Data Capture Solutions to detect and interpret data

Carlo Stradi President & CEO

But what are Data Capture Solutions actually used for?

Data Capture helps companies to acquire and store data so that they can develop new partnerships and business opportunities

Custom integrates its Data Capture Solutions with hardware devices to acquire and exploit data generated by mobile computers, scanners, scales and POSs on a daily basis and in real time, also in mobility.

Data Capture involves analyzing various types of data from a range of sources and sales processes. The goal of Data Capture analysis is to provide more information to companies operating in the Retail, Industrial and Transport sectors, as well as to develop future actions, promote effective sales plans and outline future business strategies.

Using Data Capture Solutions such as the Custom SCANMATIC, P-RANGERK-RANGER and MP RANGER helps companies to correctly and efficiently manage both front and back-end data, improving time2market and business responsiveness. These solutions also create new opportunities and facilitate the achievement of corporate objectives and the definition of new lines of governance.

What are some of the key advantages of Custom’s Data Capture Solutions?

Check out Custom’s versatile Data Capture range. Meet the MP RANGER, P-RANGER and K-RANGER

Custom developed a new range of devices for data detection/capture, a new simplified level of interpretation and management of data based on a know-how gained over time and in field.

Data Capture Solutions are part of a broader set of Custom tech solutions, which improve business potential with an international scope. Choosing Custom means tapping into a wealth of experience accumulated over almost 30 years in a range of different sectors and embracing a robust range of vertical hardware and software solutions as part of a unique service structure.

Custom’s Data Capture devices are versatile and suit a range of business needs. We also offer multiple types of device:

  • Barcode 1D Barcode 1D
  • Barcode 2D Barcode 2D
  • Scanner Scanner
  • Fingerprint Fingerprint
  • Touch Touch

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