Tutti i plus dei Registratori di cassa Telematici

In Italy there are thousands of points of sale that could decide to change to an online cash register and thus improve the overall management of the retail business. In fact, with the legislative decree of 2015, 127/2015, the possibility was introduced for craftsmen and women and retailers to equip themselves with online cash registers, which can be used to make online payments to the Tax Office. But what are the real benefits of the adoption of this new system for retailers?


An online cash point frees retailers from the obligation of keeping a paper record of the payments. In fact, the new tax book is online, and sales and data records are sent directly at the end of the day.


The archiving and management of tax receipts is no longer a problem, thanks to the automatic saving of the data to the online tax book the risk of incurring sanctions for errors is reduced to a minimum. At the same time this system means that staff no longer have to manage the receipts, allowing them to concentrate on sales and the quality of service.


Recording and sending of the payments to the Tax Office takes place automatically online, making VAT declaration easier and faster. Furthermore, periodic checking of online cash registers takes place every 2 years, instead of every year, and the terms of assessment are considerably reduced.

CUSTOM has been familiar with the Italian tax system for over 25 years, during which time it has provided unique innovations such as the first online fiscal printer with online fund book (2001) and, as of this year, the first real online server SERVER RT for mass retailing (food and not food) cash registers.
Our complete solutions - hardware, software and service - were created in Parma and have spread worldwide offering an efficient, reliable and easy-to-use service. Both big international fashion brands and small- to medium-sized retailers have chosen us as their partner in the IT revolution. Both are interested in simplifying the management of their points of sale and the daily closing of cash registers with a simple click!

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Published on 30/03/2018 in News