Use ozone sanitizing technology to start your day with greater peace of mind

Maintaining strict hygiene standards at home and at work is key to our return to post-lockdown normality following the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to its internationally recognized sanitizing properties, ozone technology effectively meets these needs.

A comprehensive, simple and safe process

Using ozone technology for disinfection purposes comes with numerous advantages compared to more traditional methods, such as the following:
- It sanitizes objects in a uniform manner, reaching all points on the surface
- It is entirely free from chemicals
- It is safe and eco-friendly, leaving no residues behind at the end of the sanitization cycle
- It’s cheap to use as it comes with no management or maintenance costs
- It’s quick and easy to use

Where can you use ozone technology?

Given its numerous benefits, ozone sanitization can be used in countless professional and domestic settings, such as the following:
- clothing stores, to sanitize clothes and shoes tried on or handled by customers 
- laundromats, where ozone booths are the only viable solution for certain types of garment
- restaurants, to sanitize items in the dining room or kitchen (menus, electronic order terminals, placeholders...)
- hotels, to ensure that rooms and shared areas are properly sanitized
- businesses in general, where sanitizing POSs and cash is a necessity
- your home, to safely disinfect everyday objects such as smartphones, wallets, keys and glasses.

SANItize box: the new Custom solution

Custom always has its finger on the pulse, and was quick off the mark to develop a specialized solution in light of the developing global situation. SANItize box is a practical ozone sanitizing system that can disinfect any object, and neutralize viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus. The device is easy to use, works automatically and comes with zero management costs, making it an effective, quick and innovative way to keep your office and home safe and sound.


Published on 29/05/2020 in Trend