Ideal solution for cash points

Combining a unique and elegant design with new functionalities, MAX.COM is the ideal solution for cash points that require high performances. The new embedded displays are larger and brighter and make reading easier and faster, both for the operator and the customer. MAX.COM prints on 60 mm wide receipts at a speed of more than 180 mm/sec. Thanks to the Ethernet interface available, a simple Internet connection will allow you to control MAX.COM's functions and operation and to remotely update programs, logos and promo graphics, easily and quickly! The Ethernet connectivity of MAX.COM also allows you to automatically send emails to forward reports, fiscal data, sales data and statistics.


  • Customer side display at the rear
  • Online (Ethernet) cash register
  • User-friendly paper roll replacement system
  • Automatic receipt cut and semi-cut
  • 56 keys alphanumeric embedded keyboard
  • High visibility maxi-display: embedded operator and customer LCD backlit displays, with 2 lines x 20 characters
  • Embedded 60mm printer with easy paper loading
  • Printing speed: 180mm/sec
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Report and data sending via e-mail
  • Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt
  • Connectable to PC
  • Internal SQL Database
  • Electronic Journal on MultiMediaCard/SD
  • Customizable receipt graphics
  • Available in glossy black and white
  • Management of cash fund and cash withdrawals
  • Fiscal, financial, statistical and historical reports
  • Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS and drivers


                                            Fiscal suite: auto-installing software package, that can be remotely updated via the Internet, to analyze the data found on DGFE, schedule graphics and logos on receipts and programme the keyboard from your PC.

Technical sheet

Processor 266 Mhz        
Electronic Journal MMC and/or SD        
Mass Storage Internal memories and DGFE on standard USB Mass Storage Protocol        
Keyboard Embedded alphanumeric keyboard with 56 customizable positions        
Display Embedded blue backlit LCD customer and operator displays with 2 lines x 20 characters (character size: 6mm x 10mm high)        
Paper width 60 mm high resolution        
Printing speed 180 mm/sec        
Interfaces A RS232 serial port, one USB port, one Ethernet portCash drawer port (6,12, 18, 24 Volts)        
PLUs 100 programmable PLUs, 15 of which directly available on the keyboardPLU groups for aggregate statistics        
Items Up to 50,000 items with barcode in the internal memory        
Customers 300 credit customers with credit recovery        
Payment types 30 fully customizable types of payment        
Price Modifiers 8 price modifiers (discounts and surcharges)        
VAT rates 10        
Reports Fiscal, financial, sales statistics reports and logs        
Graphics Graphic logos on receipt header and footer        
Scrolling Messages Remotely programmable        
Protocols CUSTOM and XON/XOFF        
Drivers Windows, JavaPOS,        
Dimensions 349mm (L)x345mm (D)x147mm (H)        

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