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Travelling with Custom


Travelling is always a pleasure. For leisure or business, previously planning or last-minute improvising, the journey always represents that moment of detachment, where your mind changes horizons and focuses on something else. Perhaps this distraction makes us less attentive to all the details: the goal is far away, it is important, we do not want to distract pausing on practical steps, they should be fast and make us sit down as soon as possible on our seat, no matter if it's economy or business!

We know by heart all the rules for taking the train in time or get on the right plane. The first one, and the most essential, is the ticket. And if we think about it, just to avoid any mistakes or forgetting something, there are a thousand ways to do it. For train or metro travelling, there are those who prefer to manage the transaction by internet, those who choose human contact and those who love the convenience offered by self-service transactions. In the airports the steps at the Check-in area can be assisted or self-service, as well as at the boarding gate. At the end, you are surrounded.

But then, what's the problem? None, in fact everything is so automatic and quick that taking note of those tickets and labels, printed to catch a train or a flight is not so essential as physically having them. Well, Custom is right there, invisible but indispensable!

Thanks to Custom printers we can cover, today, over 130,000 km of railway lines in Europe, in addition to the subway lines all around the world, in China, India, Spain, Belgium and Holland. 40 airports in China and 300 in the rest of the world chose Custom for operations related to check-in, luggage tags and boarding gates. Custom meets - with its efficient, innovative and reliable Aviation and Ticketing solutions ? the needs of a worldwide network that continues expanding.

Travelling without any problems is increasingly something reachable for everyone in the world, and this also thanks to Custom products. Yes, travelling is always a pleasure!

Published on 13/01/2016 in Everyday