Custom Spa


June 2018

Custom World Talk Show

Technoretail interviews software representatives from the Custom Group.

Custom World Talk ShowToday the Custom Group presents itself as a single player capable of managing all the Retailers' requirements. The new range on offer includes complete hardware and software solutions, and services for the pre and aftersales phases, ideal for giving Retailers the freedom to manage their core business worry-free. A single Group, ... Read More

June 2017

Not only hardware: Custom software

Comprehensive solutions, conceived, produced and distributed on the market thanks to the expertise of each business unit

Not only hardware: Custom software "Working closely with our clients, we realized early that we were only offering part of the service they needed. We therefore started investing in software and services". This is how Carlo Stradi, Custom S.p.A. President and CEO, interviewed by - Tecnologia e Impresa, sums up the ... Read More

April 2017

How could you improve the management of the point of sale?

Custom presents ECR, PosA and KoM softwares, designed for cutting edge fiscal solutions.

How could you improve the management of the point of sale? The 8 days spent for Custom Open Houses in tour alla round Italy have recently came to the end, focusing on a trend that crosses Italy and goes abroad: the strategic importance of adopting complete solutions, to optimize the workflow (operator) and differentiate offering a purchasing experience that has ... Read More

February 2017

Are we facing a self-checkout future?

How the interaction between stores and users is changing

Are we facing a self-checkout future?Over the past years we have witnessed a radical change in the management of the most delicate stage of the entire purchase process: payment. It was the need to shorten queues that initially led to using automated systems that could simplify checkout and provide self-service solutions. ... Read More