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Cash Management

July 2018

Cash management is important for Retail

Cash management solutions by Custom

Cash management is important for RetailAccording to the 2018 Report issued by The European House - Ambrosetti, Italy did not reduce the volume of circulating cash. Actually, it increased it. From 127.9 billion cash in 2008, in 2017 the amount increased to 197.7 billions, equivalent to a 3.8% increase. This trend is aligned with an increase ... Read More

March 2017

Loss Prevention: first of all, security!

All the solutions proposed by Custom Group to prevent frauds and mistakes.

Loss Prevention: first of all, security!Retail Loss Prevention: how can you protect the profits of your store? Retail Loss Prevention means all the procedures used by Retail companies to reduce to the maximum the losses and preserve the profits. A recent estimate by Global Retail Barometer reports about a worldwide loss in terms of ... Read More