Custom Spa

Custom's numbers

Custom tells its story counting from 1 to 78 millions

These are only a few numbers that tells the story of Custom SpA and take a picture of its evolution, from Parma to the rest of the world.


2015 saw the launch of a new B2C Custom division dedicated to mobile electronics: Custom Phone.


The locations of Custom's Headquarters: in Fontevivo (operating offices) and Castelguelfo (management and finance), both near Parma.


Custom's Italian subsidiaries in terms of sales offices: in Varese, Treviso and Modena.


This is the amount in millions of Euro of the Group's share capital.


Custom has 7 divisions: Point of Sales, Industrial & Kiosk, Ticketing, Mobile, Aviation, Gaming, and the new Consumer Division, Custom Phone.


The Companies that compose the Group: Custom SpA, which designs and manufactures all Custom and Fasy branded products and branded products for O.E.M. customers; System Retail SpA, specialized in automation systems point of sale automation for Mass Market Retailers and Large Scale Retail Trade; Custom America Inc., a company of the American market, that includes USA, Canada and Central America; Custom GMBH, a company for the German and Austrian markets; Custom Production Europe Srl, the Group manufacturing company; Netrising, dedicated to the design and the manufacturing of mobile apps (Android, iOS); Bizeta, which develops software projects for the Retail (fashion, luxury); Maxima, focused on softwares for the retail and mobile solutions for stores.


Custom's subsidiaries in the rest of the world: 5 in Europe, in Germany, in Frankfurt; in Russia, in Moscow; in Great Britain, Ireland and Romania; 5 in Asia, in Indonesia, India, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore; 4 in China, in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou; 3 in South America, 2 in Brazil and 1 in Argentina; 2 in Africa, in Kenya and in South Africa; 1 in the USA, in Boothwyn.


Years of activity for Custom until today, in 2016.


These are the innovation and invention patents related to printing and scanning devices that Custom developed on its own.


This is the amount of Chinese airports using Custom solutions.


Are the countries all over the world where Custom owns active partnerships and exports its products.


is the amount - millions - of the latest turnover for Custom (year 2015).


Thousand kms of European railways that you can cover using tickets issued by Custom printers.


airports in the world chose Custom check-in solutions.


Custom Group has a network of over 300 affiliated dealers.


and more than 350 employees.

From 1 to 78 millions: not a destination but a great starting point. Born in 1992 with the aim of creating mechatronic solutions, especially for the printers growing market, nowadays Custom SpA is a worldwide leader in manufacturing hardware and software for the automation of services to the public, supplied in the store by the operator or through self-service machines.

During these 24 years, Custom has grown following with coherence and determination the company mission, with the primary aim of supplying "Custom made" technologies, easy to use and to integrate, built according to the needs of Markets and Customers.High performances, ease and usability have always being combined with a high attention for the aesthetic design of the product, modern and compact, that spreads the value of something made in Italy and shows the fact that Custom is a complete entity, able to satisfy all the needs of the customer.

  • Carlo Stradi, president &CEO of custom S.p.A.
  • Custom in Boothwyn, USA
  • Custom in China
  • Custom in China