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The new self-service kiosk generations are ever slimmer and with reduced dimensions. Also the new check-in desks are designed with the aim of saving space.
Thanks to Custom's MULTI-BIN, you can now handle three different types of paper with a single printer, increasing capacities and reducing dimensions.
It features two operating modes:
Single - with this mode you can use the same type of paper (boarding passes or luggage tags) for the three types of paper loading available. This will allow you to triplicate the printer capacity.
Mixed - with this mode you can use up to three different types of paper for a wide variety of applications. For example, with a single printer you can print luggage tags, boarding passes and receipts, or two types of boarding passes (Business and Economy) and luggage tags.

  • MULTI-BIN - Triple Bin detail
  • MULTI-BIN - Three classes of boarding pass tickets
  • highlights
    • Three classes of boarding pass tickets
    • More paper capability
    • Space saving on the check-in desk
    • Space saving in the self-service kiosk
    ATB mode: examples of common uses:

    bin 1 = blank coupon for economy class
    bin 2 = colored coupon with airlines embossed logo for Business class
    bin 3 = blank coupon


    bin 1 = blank coupon to be shared between different airlines, economy class
    bin 2 = airline customized coupon
    bin 3 = blank coupon

    Each bin is fully customizable by the DCS application and the user
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