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VeriPrint® is a patented system developed by CUSTOM that combines a document scanner with thermal printing head in a single unit.
The VeriPrint® system allows you to print and save the digital image of the ticket/receipt issued in real time, identify any printing or paper related issues and use the scanned document as electronic journal or true and certified copy of the same document.
These are the possible applications:

    • Assured printing quality for bag tags, to prevent BRS problems
    • Luggage and PAX trackability
    • Security for selected passengers / self tagging

  • VERIPRINT - 100% secure
  • VERIPRINT - Electronic storage on MultiMediaCard of the printed receipts/invoices
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  • Advantages of VeriPrint®:

    • Automatic storage of all the ticket and/or receipt images captured in the local database for subsequent transmission to the central server
    • Retrieval of the original and conform image of the ticket to handle any claims
    • Reduction of printed paper costs
    • Correct issuing of the printed document is verified
    • Acquisition of the images from a remote host via a Web Browser (Ethernet version)
  • 打印票的过程中,由一个集成扫描仪自动捕捉票图像.该图像完整的存储在打印机的海量内存(MMC, SD)或者被发送到远程主机。
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